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9 Ways Intersex Youth Want You to Support Them

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How can we generate awareness of and support intersex youth? The Trevor Project suggests we consider teaching the spectrum of reproductive development – and the AVP agrees.

Congratulations Sally Goldner – Victorian LGBTI Person of the Year!

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Congratulations Sally Goldner from all at the Anti-Violence Project for your well deserved GLOBE award as the Victorian LGBTI Person of the Year 2015!

We’ve enjoyed a long, friendly and productive association with you and look forward to many collaborations together in the years to come!

Victorian LGBTI Person of the Year

LGBTI abuse victims travelling for help

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The Courier, Ballarat, Oct. 4, 2015 – Amber Wilson writes that gay people in Ballarat subjected to domestic violence are typically travelling to Melbourne to access homosexual-friendly services.

Luke Gahan, a spokesperson for the LGBTI Anti-Violence Project of Victoria, said new research showed LGBTI people were unsure whether they were able to access domestic and family violence services. Additionally, he said men in same-sex relationships were worried they wouldn’t be believed.

The Anti-Violence Project of Victoria has called on Ballarat and other regional centres to be part of a fast response once the state government received recommendations from the Victoria Royal Commission into Family Violence late this year.

Mr Gahan said people in both same-sex and opposite-sex relationships experienced domestic violence, but the rates of gay people reporting it or seeking help were much lower.

“In Ballarat, we have been starting to work with the police and they’ve been very good. They have gay and lesbian liaison officers at Ballarat and Daylesford and they have a good understanding,” he said.

“Some of the Relationships Australia services in Victoria have quite a lot of training around LGBTI relationships.

“Of course you go to the police for the regular help and for an intervention order, but as far as counselling goes, most same sex couples would go to Melbourne for some sort of counselling service.

“You want to go somewhere you will be automatically accepted rather than have to find out.

“People are pretty fragile when it comes to relationship violence, and when you’re trying to face homophobia and heteronormativity at the same time, it’s like a double assault on you.”

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Mr Gahan said although there could be more LGBTI-friendly services potentially available in Ballarat, the community had little awareness of them.

He also said governments needed to focus more on same-sex relationships in domestic violence campaigns and noted the NSW government had recently announced a $115,000 program to do so.

Mr Gahan, who is currently researching a PhD project into separation between same-sex parents, said men in gay relationships who reported incidents were often treated as assault cases rather than domestic violence cases.

He said 67 per cent of gay men who experienced domestic violence didn’t seek help.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has found that both sexes are more likely to experience violence at the hands of men.

Read the Courier article here:- Gay Abuse Victims Travelling for Help the AVP says

NSW LGBTI domestic & family violence funding focuses attention on VIC govt response to its Royal Commission findings, due later 2015

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Victoria’s Anti-Violence Project heralded NSW’s announcement of funding for LGBTI domestic and family violence as a defining moment for Australian state and federal governments which brings measures to address LGBTI family and relationship violence equally to the table alongside funding and programs to support the elimination of domestic and family violence in the broader Australian community.

“Victoria has no single lead LGBTI organisation working in the health or family violence space, unlike ACON’s principal role as the dominant funded non-profit in NSW”, said AVP executive director Greg Adkins. “However Victoria does have organisations, working for LGBTI community to support people and address family violence, who are either poorly resourced, or in the case of LGBTI community-led organisations, not resourced at all”, he said.

“This NSW funding decision now focuses attention towards recommendations on the Victoria Royal Commission into Family Violence (RCFV) which are expected later in 2015 and the policy response by the Andrews Labor government. These RCFV recommendations will frame society’s urgent family violence problem with clear evidence of whats working and whats not, where the gaps are and will point to a much needed targeted response by the Victoria state government to lift LGBTI organisations out of their unfunded or poorly funded existences to better and more efficiently support individuals from LGBTI community experiencing this type of violence in their lives.”

In announcing the NSW funding, Minister for Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Pru Goward in the NSW Baird government said the funds will support ACON campaigns, programs and services that will help identify and prevent DFV among LGBTI people.

AVP executive director Greg Adkins said “We look forward, to a similar outcome in Victoria to the NSW funding so that LGBTI focused campaigns, programs and services in Victoria are enabled to respond to LGBTI family violence in a way where 100% of people experiencing it have the avenues to address its impact on their lives and perpetrators of LGBTI family and relationship violence can be identified and supported to deal with their behavior before lives are lost and people are damaged.”

Read the NSW funding announcement reported here in Gay News Network, Wednesday September 9, 2015

Time to step up and talk about violence! Old laws expunged & old convictions can be removed.

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Expungement of old offences is GO!

Great to see this process underway.

It can also be used in relation to criminal records for trans and gender diverse people convicted of cross-dressing related “crimes” under those old laws.

Check out this link:
Department of Justice Criminal Law Expungement Scheme

After facing the law for an offence for which you can no longer be charged or convicted, you may have experienced prejudice motivated or other violence and not felt able to talk with police about. Nows the time to throw off the shadow of this expired law conviction and step up and talk about your experiences.

Visit the AVP’s Violence Reporting Service, or email and make contact and we’re more than happy to assist you!

Rowena Allen Is Victoria’s First Gender And Sexuality Commissioner | Premier of Victoria

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The Anti-Violence Project of Victoria applauds the appointment of Rowena Allen as Victoria’s and Australia’s first Gender and Sexuality Commissioner.

“Ms Allen’s appointment is an outstanding one. The VicAVP looks forward to a new statewide momentum in addressing the discrimination, homophobia and violence that impacts the health and lives of LGBTI individuals every day in schools, workplaces, health settings and the broader community”, said VicAVP executive director Greg Adkins.

“We congratulate Ms Allen on her appointment and applaud Equality Minister Martin Foley and Premier Daniel Andrews for their commitment to making a lasting difference in the health across the whole lifespan of LGBTI Victorians”.

Read the Premier’s announcement here:

Visibility – In Light of Caitlyn Jenner, Here is the Trans-Focused Entertainment You Should be Watching

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An enlightened discussion by Tribeca Film Festival of transgender visibility, progress made but the work yet to do and why you should consider I AM CAIT and 12 other trans-focused movies and TV shows to watch now.

After this Miami experience, does ageism permeate the LGBTi community in Victoria or within Australia?

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The recent experience of gay men over 40 years of age in Florida, USA flagged a question for us about whether there are similar experiences for mature people within Victoria’s and Australia’s LGBTi communities.

Have you experienced ageism personally or have seem it directed towards a partner or friend? How did you deal with it? Any successful outcomes or continuing disappointments you’d like to share?

And what do you feel about the Miami experience detailed in the writing of Nigel Campbell (Instinct, 23 April 2015)?

Apple Fixes ‘Homophobic Siri’: Russian Version Was Anti-LGBT

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Alex, a Russian speaker living in London, was excited to discover that a Russian Siri existed. He was excited, that is, until the robotic voice began responding with all-too-human shades of homophobia. After Alex posted a YouTube video on Saturday demonstrating Siri’s sometimes passive-aggressive, sometimes hostile answers, Apple appeared to have fixed it by Tuesday, reports Russian BBC

Read Barbara Herman’s article here:

It’s time for a solidarity visit to hold hands alongside our LGBTI brothers and sisters in Korea!

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Seattle resident Adam McRoberts recently introduced us to the impact of invisibility colliding with homophobia for some in South Korea, in the Seattle Gay Scene blog. We were left with a strong desire to plan a side trip via Korea to hold hands alongside our brothers and sisters raising visibility along the way to eliciting change.

TRIGGER WARNING – images of physical violence, discussion of emotional violence and impact of homophobia

“Born and raised in Seoul, Heezy (Yang)’s own coming out and decision to live openly gay was a years long process, carefully orchestrated in an effort to maintain his family ties while being a beacon of hope for others still closeted.”

Artists and activists like Heezy Yang are forcing the general public in Korea to take notice of the LGBT population and Adam was fortunate to spend time exploring how life for some is being lived . As places like “Homo Hill” emerge and flourish, they stand to serve real proof that art can instigate societal change toward acceptance of LGBT people.  They are in the final planning stages for 2015 Seoul Pride and expect the largest attendance yet.  Heezy will open this year’s festivities with a live performance and the community will come together to celebrate another year of being out.’&nbsp

But the journey is frought with harsh, sometimes violent times as change is fought for and slowly won. Check out Adam McRoberts’ full article here: