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Hate crime victims in the UK sought for academic study

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Check-out this research taking place in the UK: Hate crime victims sought for academic study

Maybe similar research can take place in Australia to this UK study where criminologists are appealing for victims of hate crime to come forward and take part in a study.

The two-year project at the University of Leicester aims to examine the experiences of those who are victimised because of their identity, vulnerability or perceived difference. Dr Neil Chakraborti, who is leading the research with Jon Garland said: “We’ll be working with the widest range of victims ever covered in a single hate crime study. “We’ll be working closely with criminal justice agencies, including the police, because we want the research to make a real difference to policy and practice.”

The research will use an extensive online and written survey, complemented by hundreds of in-depth interviews with victims. The findings will be summarised in reports and articles during the project.

If you are visiting Australia or elsewhere in the world and are reading this, but live in the UK and wish to be part of the study, e-mail: and more info is available from:

Stevie-Jade Hardy has just begun a role as a Research Associate for the Leicester Hate Crime Project, a two-year study funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, led by Dr Neil Chakraborti and Jon Garland. This will be Britain’s most comprehensive study of hate crime, examining the experiences of those who are victimised because of their identity, vulnerability or perceived ‘difference’ in the eyes of the perpetrator. By exploring hate crime in a broader sense of “targeted victimisation”, the project will investigate the experiences of the more “recognised” hate crime victim communities, including those who experience racist, religiously motivated, homophobic, disablist and transphobic victimisation, as well as those who are marginalised from existing hate crime debate and policy framework. The project will also be exploring victim’s experiences and expectations of criminal justice agencies and other organisations in a position to offer support, in order to assess the needs of victims and to identify lessons for effective service delivery.

MindOUT Survey – LAST DAYS!

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Dear Alliance members, associates, and friends,


The MindOUT survey is coming to a close.  Mental health and Suicide Prevention played a huge part in this week’s federal budget which makes it even more important for you to have your say in how to develop frameworks and services for the LGBTI community.  The surveys are open till Friday  – so complete the survey for yourself and for your organisation
Remember MindOUT is the first national LGBTI mental health and suicide prevention project in Australia.

And It’s for ALL of us in, or connected with, the LGBTI community – young, old, friends and in-betweens!

So CLICK HERE  or go to

The good news…

Since we mentioned that 1588 community members had completed the community member survey a further 200 have got on board!   Fantastic effort – but with only a few days to go we need more response to to reach our 2,000 target.

We especially need more responses from south Australia, Tasmania and Northern territory – if you know people there – send it OUT!

So, how can I help?

Yep, there are a few…..
1.   Complete the LGBTI Community survey at
2.   Complete the community member survey yourself – it should only take 10 – 15 minutes
3.   Tell your friends, staff, colleagues about it and encourage them to complete
4.   Distribute, distribute –  please use your networks to get this message out before the end of the week.

Thanks for your assistance,
Craig Gear

National survey of GLBT Health and Wellbeing

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Private Lives 2 is an on-line survey of the health and wellbeing of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Australians.

Undertaken by Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria, in partnership with the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society, LaTrobe University, Private Lives 2 aims to be the largest and most comprehensive assessment of the health of Australian GLBT communities to date.

Private Lives 2 will revisit many of the questions used in the original survey (2005) to see if and how things have changed for GLBT people. It will include questions on physical and mental health and wellbeing, use of health services, alcohol and drug use, the impact of legislative reforms, including recognition of same sex relationships, GLBTI people’s experiences of discrimination and their connections to family, friends and community.

The survey will have a greater emphasis on GLBT mental health and depression and will include questions looking at the impact of social connection, including the use of the Internet, on GLBT people’s wellbeing.

It will only take 20 minutes to complete. Find out more & get involved via

“Come Out To Play” research launched

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Dr Caroline Symons today launched “Come Out To Play at VicHealth in Melbourne, amidst a media frenzy created by comments by Australian Rules footballer Jason Akermanis in a morning newspaper op-ed piece.

VicHealth’s Todd Harper, VEOHRC’s Helen Szoke, former Olympic swimmer Daniel Kawalski, who recently came-out about his sexuality to himself and the community and Gary Eade, Jason Akermanis’ coach, all participated in the launch before Caroline Symons took to the stage.

Check out “Come Out To Play”, a collaboration between Victoria University and Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria though this link to the GLHV portal.

Vic Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission’s online Hate Crime survey

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Please take time to check out the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission’s (VEOHRC) online Hate Crime survey which will assist them in preparing a submission to the review by retired Justice Geoffrey Eames into the laws dealing with crime, harassment and vilification motivated by hatred or prejudice. If you have experienced prejudice related crime, harassment or vilification VEOHRC would like to hear from you.

Check out the link to this survey HERE.

New research: “When the glitter settles: safety & hostility at & around gay & lesbian public events”

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Stephen Tomsen and Kevin Markwell from the Australian Institute of Criminology, Canberra, have published their latest research “When the glitter settles: safety & hostility at & around gay & lesbian public events”.  This research uses the results of an internet-based survey to explore aspects of safety and hostility as perceived and experienced by participants at large-scale gay and lesbian events held in Australia. Navigate to their page and download their report HERE.

Gay Shame Study – for gay men aged 18+

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Research is underway which hopes to investigate links between shame, embarrasment, and well-being in gay men aged 18 and over.  Participants will undertake two one hour, one-on-one  interviews at the La Trobe University City campus.  Please contact Adam on 0437 755 580 or by email.

Share your experiences in sport

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Victoria University and Gay & Lesbian Health Victoria have established an online survey about the experiences of GLBT participation ion sport within Victoria. Checkout