National survey of GLBT Health and Wellbeing

// February 4th, 2011 // Research, Within Australia

Private Lives 2 is an on-line survey of the health and wellbeing of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Australians.

Undertaken by Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria, in partnership with the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society, LaTrobe University, Private Lives 2 aims to be the largest and most comprehensive assessment of the health of Australian GLBT communities to date.

Private Lives 2 will revisit many of the questions used in the original survey (2005) to see if and how things have changed for GLBT people. It will include questions on physical and mental health and wellbeing, use of health services, alcohol and drug use, the impact of legislative reforms, including recognition of same sex relationships, GLBTI people’s experiences of discrimination and their connections to family, friends and community.

The survey will have a greater emphasis on GLBT mental health and depression and will include questions looking at the impact of social connection, including the use of the Internet, on GLBT people’s wellbeing.

It will only take 20 minutes to complete. Find out more & get involved via

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