Homophobia and Anti-Gay Slurs tracked

// September 28th, 2012 // Around the globe

A great website from NoHomophobes.com designed as a “social mirror to show the prevalence of casual homophobia” in society. Watch in real time as homphobic slurs are used online.

Homophobia, Specifically Anti-Gay Slurs, Tracked in Real Time on Twitter fb.me/GzrZTg2R (thanks @GayRightsMedia)

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  1. Greg Adkins says:

    Coming-up on today’s Victoria Police Community Hour – 12noon to 1pm, Melbourne, Australia time – we’ll discuss homophobic and transphobic slurs on the net, particularly in social media and look at the discussion NoHomophobes.com has started.

    PLUS Crimestoppers, coming events, personal safety tips and more.

    (A partnership between JOY 94.9, the Victoria Police Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officers, the Anti-Violence Project of Victoria and Crimestoppers – each Wednesday at 12 noon live on JOY 94.9 or streaming http://joy.org.au/listenlive )

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