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Colac-Otway Mayor and Council asked to become leaders who challenge homophobia locally

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Colac-Otway Mayor and Council have been asked by the AVP to step-up and challenge local homophobia by supporting the AVP’s rural and regional “AVP Connect” initiative. This comes as media reports the Colac Mayor denies homophobia after a mob chased comedian Joel Creasey to his car after he attended an anti-discrimination forum in Colac over the weekend.

AVP head Greg Adkins wrote to Colac-Otway CEO Rob Small, a director and judge of the world’s most livable cities, saying “We see your Council (as) being part of the solution. With your knowledge of what it takes for a city to be liveable, we are particularly interested in seeing Colac-Otway becoming liveable for the individuals who experience homophobic harassment and prejudice motivated violence and crime. Research shows that only one in ten incidents is being reported (in rural and regional parts of Victoria). Your Council are local leaders who should be part of the solution to the incident comedian Joel Creasey and many others experience in your patch”.

Colac-Otway Mayor, Cr Brian Crook has been asked by the AVP to become a local supporter of their new campaign to have a network of key people in rural and regional cities and towns in place as local “champions” with whom people experiencing homophobic harassment, prejudice and hate motivated crime, can access in assisting in them reporting to police, accessing information and support through the AVP help to create a greater understanding of what is taking place, where, when, how and by whom when it comes to perpetrators of homophobic harassment and violence.

“Homophobic harassment and prejudice motivated violence is underreported. Available data suggests only one person in ten experiencing violence in rural and regional parts of Victoria is telling anyone, be they police, a friend or family member or even a loved one”, said Greg Adkins.

““AVP Connect” is out now promoting how people can step-up to make a positive difference in the lives of people in towns just like Colac, Warrnambool and surrounds. The media commentary about the incident in the town in which you are the Mayor provides a great opportunity to build a vibrant and responsive support network accessible by people living with homophobic harassment and prejudice motivated crime, linked to individuals who too are champions for AVP Connect in their local towns. This is a chance to make a very real difference in local lives.” he said.

Adkins also raised with the Mayor the fact that people who abhor violence often sit back and don’t challenge homophobes “at the times they kick into gear”. He suggested that “AVP Connect”, linking with the Anti-Violence Project of Victoria Inc. can provides the platform for individuals who abhor violence and want to make a positive difference to be able to step-up in their local community. “Without these networks, violent people go unchallenged and individuals and their communities continue to get hurt”, AVP executive director Greg Adkins said.

People living in rural and regional areas seeking more information about “AVP Connect” or know friends and family who might step-up to make a difference, are asked to please email Zhitian Zhang at AVP and for more information about how you as Colac Mayor, and your council can step-up and become leaders in local government seeking to challenge homophobic harassment, prejudice and hate motivated violence and crime, I’d welcome you to directly contact me on 0407664442 or by email:

Adkins invited the whole Colac-Otway community to join their Council and step-up to make a difference on homophobic harassment and prejudice motivated violence and crime in their municipality and surrounding districts.

Assault on Xmas night

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Detectives from Moreland Criminal Investigation Unit are appealing for witnesses to an attack on two men in Brunswick on Christmas night which the Anti-Violence Project say appears to have been hate or prejudice motivated.

According to police, the two men aged, 39 and 28, had left a family Christmas gathering and were walking down Sydney Road about 9.30pm when the attack took place near the Barkly Square Shopping Centre.

Police said they walked behind a utility stopped in Sydney Road when they were attacked by two men from that vehicle.

After the initial attack a second vehicle pulled up and several people from this vehicle also joined in the attack.

During the incident a 39-year-old man was assaulted in the middle of the road where he was punched and kicked.

The second man, 28, who had been attacked, tried to escape by getting into a taxi.

The men attacking him tried to pull him from the taxi and continued to assault while he was in the vehicle.

Police are appealing for any witnesses who saw a white colored utility parked in the middle of Sydney Road near the intersection of Weston Street.

This was the vehicle the first group of attackers came from.

Police are also appealing for any witnesses who saw a dark colored sedan parked at the side of the road with the front passenger door open.

The second group of attackers came form this vehicle.

The two men suffered facial injuries including cuts and bruising and were treated at hospital and released.

There was a large number of people around at the time who witnessed the attack and police are appealing for these people to contact police.

Police have been told that there may have been up to 10 men aged between 20 and 25 involved in the attack the attack.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or contact the website at and the Anti-Violence Project is available to support people in making contact with police or to discuss this incident further.

Reports to Crimestoppers are totally anonymous and protect the confidentiality of people making the call to them.

New violence report received of harassment in St Kilda

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A new report of homophobic harassment has been received from the St Kilda foreshore area near St Kilda Pier.

Two gay men were verbally harassed by groups of people numbering between three and four people, up to 15 people, as they walked to the pier. Some escalation of language appears to have taken place. More information will be posted here SOON.

Harassment and violence ALERT!

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Over each of tha AVP’s fourteen years of data collection, the 2010/11 Xmas and new Year period is shaping up as no exception with an increase in homophobic harassment and prejudice motivated violence against individuals in the GLBT community already appearing as the warmer days and nights of Summer bring more people out of their homes in the suburbs into areas with diverse communities.  Add alcohol, groups of men, testosterone to ignorance and homophobia and its a potent mix for violence.

Starting in October, two men were hunted down in Collingwood by a four person gang with “the intent (according to Detective Senior Constable Matt Archer) to assault and to assault homosexuals”.

Read more about this incident HERE and further gay print media coverage HERE

The AVP asks anyone, with information that might assist police in locating the fourth suspect, to call police on 000 or make contact with the AVP on 0407664442.

Alert – Potential Danger in Footscray

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The Anti-Violence Project today urged gay men visiting the Footscray Park area to remain alert for potential dangers following the receipt of reports of homophobically motivated physical assaults in the area.

AVP head Greg Adkins said two separate reports have been received that gay men have recently been assaulted in the park. “We ask anyone in the GLBT community living nearby to Footscray Park or travelling past, to be vigilant and adopt protective behaviours especially when groups of males are moving through the park or adjacent areas.

“Anyone with information is urged to contact the Anti-Violence Project and either make an online violence report, speak directly with someone from the AVP by calling 0407664442, or leave a messages for the AVP to follow-up on 03 9660 3970.

“If you feel unsafe call Police 000 and move away from danger. When safe contact the AVP,” he said.

Yarra Flats Park sexual assault – information sought

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If you know the Yarra Flats Park area and have seen or heard of any information that could assist Police in their investigations of a sexual assault of a 13 year-old boy, the AVP urges you to come forward and speak with Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit

This man (pictured) is believed to have sexually assaulted a 13-year-old boy in Eaglemont, in Melbourne’s north-east as he was walking along a bike path in the Yarra Flats Park, around 5.45pm (AEST) on Thursday, August the 19th.

He is described as being aged between 50 and 60, with a medium build, a fair complexion and weathered face, short grey curly hair and a bald patch.

If you need assistance to talk with police on this matter, please contact AVP on 0407664442 or email

Image of man is available online HERE.

Off-duty policeman stabbed in Port Melbourne – information sought from public

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Victoria Police media have updated their public information about a stabbing of an off-duty policeman in Port Melbourne this morning.

Speculation about the proximity of the incident to the area where an assault and attempted robbery of gay men took place and whether this past event was in any way related to this mornings stabbing and attempted robbery, has proved to be misplaced and the events are unrelated.

However if any individuals from the gay community were in the vicinity of the assault at approximately 3am, the AVP is urging them to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 with information. AVP can assist in supporting people contact police.

Further information from the updated information about this incident on Victoria Police News is available by clicking here.

Collingwood bashing and robbery

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A staff member from Collingwood gay sauna Wet on Wellington was bashed in a vicious robbery on Sunday 4 July at approximately 9.30pm. The incident took place in Peel Street, towards Smith Street, when the man was set upon by at least three men wielding baseball bats.

Any people who were in the vicinity of the incident and have any information that could assist police in their investigations should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or the Gay and Lesbian Liaison police.

If any of us have issues about going directly to police and want assistance, the Anti-Violence Project and our volunteers are there to be supports to enable this to take place or ensure the information is exchanged. Visit our online violence reporting service (click tab at the top of this page) or click here!

Further information about this assault and robbery will be updated here.

In the meantime, visit report in the Southern Star newspaper by Andie Noonan (22 July 2010) by clicking here.

Homophobic Violence in East St Kilda

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Alert: Serious homophobic assault in local park – Attackers at-Large – Information required urgently.

In the early hours of Monday 25 January, a young man was assaulted and then slashed with a box-cutter or similar implement while taking a short-cut from Alma Road, East St Kilda, through Alma Park while making his way to Chapel Street.

Three men approached the victim using homophobic language before and during a physical assault. Demands were made for money. When the victim indicated he didn’t have any money for them, one man then slashed the right arm and leg of the victim with a box cutter inflicting 3cm deep gashes. The lead offender then threated to slash the man’s face. The victim managed to break free and made his way to a Coles Express on Dandenong Road – part of the service station immediately North of the park – where he sought assistance.

One of multiple possible witnesses to the assault waited for police at the service station and has provided valuable information to police. The victim of this assault spent 4 days in the Alfred Hospital for his serious injuries and is now recovering.

Further information: these three perpetrators were seen within the vicinity of the park for some considerable time using torches and making homophobic comments to other men in the park, and in some instances chasing these other men. To-date, no information has been received from anyone else who saw these three men, witnessed their behaviour, can describe them or was even threatened or victimised by them prior to the serious assault taking place.



Missing student located

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Missing student Timothy Wing Keung has been located in Sydney and is returning to Melbourne today. Police investigating his disappearance have spoken personally to him and he is safe and well. The Anti Violence Project thanks the GLBT and extended community for actively networking to ensure this man’s whereabouts became known and safety was ensured. The AVP particularly acknowledged the work of Knox Police CIU, Crime Stoppers and the Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officers.