Yet Another Problem for Older Gay Men: “Internalized Gay Ageism”

// December 13th, 2015 // Elders past and present

J. Bryan Lowder writes about recent research exploring the overlap between internalized ageism and internalized homophobia among midlife and older gay men and whether this generates internalized gay ageism.

In other words, in gay men, the wider overvaluing of youth in our culture mixes with standard homophobia to create a brand-new internalized “sexual minority stress”.

The researchers found that “Internalized gay ageism” is a real thing. The study, which created a scale for measuring IGA, found a “positive and statistically significant” relationship between IGA and “depressive symptoms.”

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  1. Paul Bussey6 says:

    We see it all the time in Vintage Men. Older men trying to pretend that they are not old. Come to our stall at Carnival and you will see older men coming and telling us that they are not the “right” age for Vintage Men,

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