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UN Human Right Council review on Australia’s performance.

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Read all the latest news on Australia’s upcoming review by the UN Human Rights Council #AusUPR #auspol
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Family violence royal commission: the seven lessons learned so far, according to The Guardian with a forward view from the AVP

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These seven lessons map easily onto family and intimate partner violence experienced by individuals identifying within LGBTI community. With a few missing links.

LGBT individuals “vote with their feet” and access services that have immediately available and easily accessible quality trained staff, most often LGBT themselves or equally empathetic and non-judgemental individuals who are not themselves LGBT.

Community led LGBTI organisations working in this space are less funded, if at all. The funding of these organisations is both crucial and pivotal to the shifting of appallingly low levels of violence reporting – including family violence reporting – to reveal the true nature and extent of family violence within these communities. Without this new funding acknowledging the important role community-led organisations play in family violence solutions the flow-on health ramifications for primary and secondary victims can never truly be addressed.

This Royal Commission has the potential to recommend the establishment of third party reporting processes for family violence impacting LGBTI community – similar to the much needed third party reporting processes on prejudice motivated violence and homophobic harassment – that has at its core leadership from community-led organisations.

(Most intersex individuals fit within and share life experience of relationship and family violence with the broad community however some intersex individuals identify and are welcomed within the LGBTI communities, experiencing the same issues that limit the way violence of all kinds can be identified, moved out of silence and into the daylight and then adequately addressed.)

Rowena Allen Is Victoria’s First Gender And Sexuality Commissioner | Premier of Victoria

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The Anti-Violence Project of Victoria applauds the appointment of Rowena Allen as Victoria’s and Australia’s first Gender and Sexuality Commissioner.

“Ms Allen’s appointment is an outstanding one. The VicAVP looks forward to a new statewide momentum in addressing the discrimination, homophobia and violence that impacts the health and lives of LGBTI individuals every day in schools, workplaces, health settings and the broader community”, said VicAVP executive director Greg Adkins.

“We congratulate Ms Allen on her appointment and applaud Equality Minister Martin Foley and Premier Daniel Andrews for their commitment to making a lasting difference in the health across the whole lifespan of LGBTI Victorians”.

Read the Premier’s announcement here:

Family violence hearings begin

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The first week of public hearings at the Royal Commission into Family Violence has commenced (Monday, 13 July 2015). The focus of the first week is violence against children.

A number of organisations supporting individuals experiencing family violence from within LGBTi community are expected to give evidence at the Commission on 16 August 2015).

More updates here as they become available.

Public Hearing Live Stream available here: RCFV Live Stream