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Watch “Equality in Health” from the AMSA

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The Australian Medical Students’ Association prepared a video for the international day against homophobia, biphobia and intersex prejudice. They want to raise awareness about the issue of equality in healthcare & we think they’ve nailed it.

Check out AMSA video here!

Shaking the tree a little bit more to flush out homophobia in sport

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In a recording the AFLPA is hoping will go viral once it is launched on Saturday night, the familiar footy faces hold cards bearing #FOOTY4IDAHO.

A theme of the piece is language and the damage homophobic slurs do.

While there are AFL rules against homophobic sledging and players are increasingly speaking out about homophobia, anecdotal feedback suggests lips can still be loose in AFL locker rooms.

Angie Greene has engaged some of the same footballers who feature in the AFLPA IDAHO campaign to her own, one-woman directed, anti-homophobia cause: “Move in May”.

She hopes a pride-themed fun run can become an annual fixture timed with IDAHO day from next year.

Read all about Angie and her efforts here:


An alarming number of transgender people killed worldwide with differences in Australia pointing towards the need for funding to commence urgent work.

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An alarming number of transgender people have been killed worldwide in the last seven years, outlined in newly revised report: TARGET=”_blank”>

VicAVP executive director Greg Adkins says that in Australia, where killing of transgender people remains low in number, physical and emotional violence may remain high yet hidden by under-reporting”.

“We believe the cut-through in addressing violence against transgender people in Australia may come through changing an inherently homophobic society, behind which transphobia can live.

“We use the occasion of the International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia and the release of this report to call on state and federal governments to drive this work with adequate funding to lift mental & physical health outcomes for communities impacted by both homophobia & transphobia.

“The recent Victoria government budget provides a model to the nation of how this body of work can be undertaken, yet more urgent community-led work must be funded and commenced, especially where violence impacts mental health outcomes.

“The Federal Budget shows that there’s much yet to be done to get national leadership up to speed towards changing an inherently homophobic society, behind which transphobia can live”, said VicAVP executive director Greg Adkins.

Report your experience of violence here:

The Struggle Is Real – Dating In The Gay Hookup Culture –

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How do we appear to others in the online dating culture? Is the sometimes negative experience a sign of people out of touch with those around and themselves, or is it another pointer towards lateral violence with our community.

David Arabia (, April 30, 2015) writes “In order to be comfortable with intimacy, we must turn it into a new habit. The more we focus our energy and patience in that realm, the more it will become part of our lifestyle. Pretty soon, casual sex will be as uncomfortable as dating¬†used¬†to feel.”

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