AVP receives nominations in the 2010 {also} awards

// June 20th, 2010 // AVP news, Media discussion, Within Victoria

The Anti-Violence Project of Victoria received a number of nominations on the 2010 {also} Awards categories judged by a voting panel. These included:-


Anti Violence Project – for four areas of activity in 2010:-
*Playing a part of the Australian Football League Campaign (developed by AFL Players Association’s Dr Pippa Grange and Rob Mitchell);
*The “Out and Safe” Campaign (partnership between Cr Jane Garrett, Mayor of Yarra, the AVP, the Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby, Victoria Police Gay & Lesbian Liaison Unit and Officers, local health services and businesses in the City of Moreland);
*Stop Homophobia Today and *IDAHO (led state-wide by AVP with primary partners Victoria Police GLLOs, the {also} Foundation, TransGender Victoria, JOY 94.9, Country Awareness Network (CAN), Way-Out, Family Planning Victoria and Yak, the Attorney General Rob Hulls, the VEOHRC, and many more individuals, groups and organisations from all parts of the state).


Anti-Violence Project was nominated for “IDAHO 2010 – Speaking About Silence – Homophobia in Sports and Community”


AVP Executive Director, Greg Adkins was nominated in this category.

(The {also} Awards take place on Monday 28 June 2010, 7:30pm at the National Theatre in St Kilda)

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  1. VicAVP Admin says:

    The 2009-2010 period was an outstanding time for the Anti-Violence Project. The standard of work we delivered to support the GLBT community in Victoria – all achieved without any government funding, paid staff or infrastructure – was outstanding! This quality of work showed in the range of nominations we received from the public for the 2010 {also} awards.

    While none of these nominations resulted in us winning an award, let alone being short-listed, each and every activity we undertook was a winner and we are proud that we made a huge difference in both the GLBT community and the broader community. All Victorian GLBT individuals are winners as a result of our work and it is for this that the AVP celebrates.

    Congratulations to my board, to our interns and volunteers who have participated in activities including IDAHO in 2009 and again in 2010, Community Safety Month 2009, assisting in Police recruit training and the multiple anti-violence collaborations at JOY 94.9 as well as in delivering the online violence reporting service and the activities that underpin this.

    Thank you to Danae Gibson from JOY 94.9, the Victoria Police Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit Manager Sgt Scott Davis, the {also} foundation’s Zoe Dunbar and TGV’s Sally Goldner for being the hub and joining with the AVP to again deliver IDAHO successfully into the state-wide GLBT Community in Victoria.

    We would like to acknowledge the significance of former {also} interim-CEO, Deb Holder providing access to a desk and phone for the AVP within the {also} Foundation’s offices in March 2010. We celebrate this first ever in-kind support from the {also} Foundation and note that they were present at our inaugural meeting 13 years ago. We look forward to future collaborations between our two organisations and wish {also} well as it celebrates its 30th birthday.

    More great work to come.

  2. Michael Glover says:

    1] found it hard to locate an email address.
    2] Heard Greg on JOY on seasonal violence. I lived in Collingwood for about 20 years. The feeling of threatening (non-gay) behaviour was always higher on the streets in inner Melbourne in late December until around Australia Day. Some attacks on gay folk may be random robbery, not exclusively homophobic. There are risky locations besides near gay venues. Best to go home with someone.

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