Community Safety Month podcasts

// November 9th, 2009 // Media discussion, Within Victoria

Community Safety Month podcasts are coming on-line. First up is the launch from the Victoria Police Media Centre on 1st October 2009, plus other podcasts from the Police Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officers segment of “The Conch”.

Check through the list of podcasts here!

Community Safety Month activities in the GLBT community were presented by the Anti-Violence Project of Victoria, JOY 94.9 and the Victoria Police.

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  1. Janine (Brunswick) says:

    Great work to the AVP, JOY and Victoria Police for the Community Safety Month initiatives. Its raised the discussion for us and our friends of how to view safety in our local community regardless of whether its violence targeting us as lesbians or random senseless violent acts. Thankfully we’re in a pretty safe and already diverse community with very few incidents that appear driven by homophobia. Keep up the great work!

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