Understanding Homophobia in Rural Secondary Schools Research online

// June 11th, 2009 // Within Victoria

Sue Hackney from WayOUT has been very excited announcing that WayOUT’s on-line surveys “Researching homophobia in rural secondary schools” are now ‘live’ and can be accessed via their WayOUT website. One survey is aimed at rural young persons aged 12 to 21 years; the other is aimed at the rural teacher or worker supporting the young people. They are aiming to get at least 100 of each of the surveys completed so need your help getting the word out.

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  1. Dave says:

    Dear Sue,

    The local school Xavier High School in Albury published hate material calling on all homosexuals to be removed from the face of the earth. The local paper in Albury Wodonga ran articles supporting this. They even ran the headline A life of drugs and sex and went onto describe how a man was cured of homosexuality.

    I think you are doing a great job Sue. It is a shame the local papers here and schools are allowed to get away with hate material being published that I am sure promotes suicide in youth.

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