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An alarming number of transgender people killed worldwide with differences in Australia pointing towards the need for funding to commence urgent work.

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An alarming number of transgender people have been killed worldwide in the last seven years, outlined in newly revised report: TARGET=”_blank”>

VicAVP executive director Greg Adkins says that in Australia, where killing of transgender people remains low in number, physical and emotional violence may remain high yet hidden by under-reporting”.

“We believe the cut-through in addressing violence against transgender people in Australia may come through changing an inherently homophobic society, behind which transphobia can live.

“We use the occasion of the International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia and the release of this report to call on state and federal governments to drive this work with adequate funding to lift mental & physical health outcomes for communities impacted by both homophobia & transphobia.

“The recent Victoria government budget provides a model to the nation of how this body of work can be undertaken, yet more urgent community-led work must be funded and commenced, especially where violence impacts mental health outcomes.

“The Federal Budget shows that there’s much yet to be done to get national leadership up to speed towards changing an inherently homophobic society, behind which transphobia can live”, said VicAVP executive director Greg Adkins.

Report your experience of violence here:

After this Miami experience, does ageism permeate the LGBTi community in Victoria or within Australia?

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The recent experience of gay men over 40 years of age in Florida, USA flagged a question for us about whether there are similar experiences for mature people within Victoria’s and Australia’s LGBTi communities.

Have you experienced ageism personally or have seem it directed towards a partner or friend? How did you deal with it? Any successful outcomes or continuing disappointments you’d like to share?

And what do you feel about the Miami experience detailed in the writing of Nigel Campbell (Instinct, 23 April 2015)?

Apple Fixes ‘Homophobic Siri’: Russian Version Was Anti-LGBT

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Alex, a Russian speaker living in London, was excited to discover that a Russian Siri existed. He was excited, that is, until the robotic voice began responding with all-too-human shades of homophobia. After Alex posted a YouTube video on Saturday demonstrating Siri’s sometimes passive-aggressive, sometimes hostile answers, Apple appeared to have fixed it by Tuesday, reports Russian BBC

Read Barbara Herman’s article here:

It’s time for a solidarity visit to hold hands alongside our LGBTI brothers and sisters in Korea!

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Seattle resident Adam McRoberts recently introduced us to the impact of invisibility colliding with homophobia for some in South Korea, in the Seattle Gay Scene blog. We were left with a strong desire to plan a side trip via Korea to hold hands alongside our brothers and sisters raising visibility along the way to eliciting change.

TRIGGER WARNING – images of physical violence, discussion of emotional violence and impact of homophobia

“Born and raised in Seoul, Heezy (Yang)’s own coming out and decision to live openly gay was a years long process, carefully orchestrated in an effort to maintain his family ties while being a beacon of hope for others still closeted.”

Artists and activists like Heezy Yang are forcing the general public in Korea to take notice of the LGBT population and Adam was fortunate to spend time exploring how life for some is being lived . As places like “Homo Hill” emerge and flourish, they stand to serve real proof that art can instigate societal change toward acceptance of LGBT people.  They are in the final planning stages for 2015 Seoul Pride and expect the largest attendance yet.  Heezy will open this year’s festivities with a live performance and the community will come together to celebrate another year of being out.’&nbsp

But the journey is frought with harsh, sometimes violent times as change is fought for and slowly won. Check out Adam McRoberts’ full article here:

Beautiful App unpacking trust feelings and teenage intimate relationships

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A brilliant concept – not just for teenage intimate relationships but for all of us! Download via Google Play and check it out.

Lesbian couple beaten unconscious in Ireland – Gay Star News

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Physical violence against lesbians by men remains common around the glove as the attack on a lesbian couple leaving them beaten unconscious in Ireland shows.

A young lesbian couple were left bleeding and unconscious after a homophobic attack in Ireland. Roisin Prendergast, 20, and Ciara Murphy, 17, were walking to a food outlet in Limerick at 2am on 9 February when two men started ‘firing homophobic slurs’ at the couple.

The day after the attack, Prendergast wrote on Facebook:
‘I know our bruises will heal, I know we will be okay but this is not something I am going to let go.
‘Watching someone you love getting hurt while you yourself are getting hurt is not something anyone should ever have to endure straight or gay. This to me was a hate crime.
‘I am finished crying, today starts the first of many actions which will be taken to get justice.’

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