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Tim Hunter writes about homophobic experiences at a Prahran hotel – TheVine

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Tim Hunter writes about homophobic experiences at a Prahran hotel. Has change arrived or is our response more immediate and coordinated – Read Tim’s views in TheVine

Theft at inner bays idea recreational area

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The AVP received report this evening of a theft of personal belongings at a Port Melbourne beach side location. A man’s mobile phone was stolen at approximately 6:45PM.

People visiting the beach are urged of take extra care with personal belongings.

If you have information which could assist please contact the AVP.

Report Homophobic Harassment and Prejudice Motivated Violence here

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We always suggest reporting violence and crime to police in 000 however many people need support to do so, and many more never step-up to report to anyone. Thats where the AVP steps-in. Click here to access our AVP ONLINE REPORTING SERVICE

There are many additional supports on discrimination and other impacts of homophobia. We suggest accessing a wonderful recently released resource with which AVP is a proud partner: NO TO HOMOPHOBIA

Partnering the AVP in this wonderful campaign are Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, Transgender Victoria and the ALSO Foundation

Hard conversations in community

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Reports from Melbourne’s gay night club, Poof Doof, of selective bar service based on race.  C’mon guys, in 2012 your going to be anti-asian and really think this is OK?  Happy to help with staff diversity training.

Mother speaks-up about her daughter’s assault

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Three lesbians were assaulted in Sydney Road, Brunswick around midnight on Tuesday 15th November and the mother of one of the three women speaks-up on JOY 94.9’s GLLO Show (23 November 2011).

Speaking with Anti-Violence Project Executiv Director, Greg Adkins, Victoria Police’s North West Region GLLO, Senior Constable Gabby Tyack, and Crimestoppers’ Jo Baird, Lee reveals an award has been offered by her and her husband for information leading to the arrest of the men who attacked these women.

Audio of the interview is available online here:-


Three lesbians assaulted in Brunswick

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A group of men has assaulted three lesbians in Sydney Road Brunswick around midnight on Tuesday 15th November.  One woman was punched and kicked and has suffered severe concussion.

People who witnessed the asssault are urged to call Police on 000, Brunswick Police or the Gay and Lesbian Liasion Officers (GLLOs) and if you are uncomfortable for any reason reporting to police, please lodge an online and confidential report via the AVP’s violence reporting service.

Discussion of the assault has been posted in the gay press here: Check out this report in one of Melbourne’s gay and lesbian print media outlets HERE.

Police seek help on sauna sexual assault

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Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officers (GLLOs) have passed requests by the Victoria Police Sexual Crime Squad asking for people with any information to come forward about a sexual assault that occurred in a sex-on-premises venue (SOPV) in Melbourne’s CBD in September.

A man is believed to have reported that he was sexually assaulted while being held down in a private room and police are seeking information that might assist them in speaking with two men that might be able to assist them with their enquiries about events of Sunday night, September 25.

Further discussion of the assault has been posted in Southern Star: PHOTOFIT of one of the men that could provide information to police can be seen here.

Colac-Otway Mayor and Council asked to become leaders who challenge homophobia locally

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Colac-Otway Mayor and Council have been asked by the AVP to step-up and challenge local homophobia by supporting the AVP’s rural and regional “AVP Connect” initiative. This comes as media reports the Colac Mayor denies homophobia after a mob chased comedian Joel Creasey to his car after he attended an anti-discrimination forum in Colac over the weekend.

AVP head Greg Adkins wrote to Colac-Otway CEO Rob Small, a director and judge of the world’s most livable cities, saying “We see your Council (as) being part of the solution. With your knowledge of what it takes for a city to be liveable, we are particularly interested in seeing Colac-Otway becoming liveable for the individuals who experience homophobic harassment and prejudice motivated violence and crime. Research shows that only one in ten incidents is being reported (in rural and regional parts of Victoria). Your Council are local leaders who should be part of the solution to the incident comedian Joel Creasey and many others experience in your patch”.

Colac-Otway Mayor, Cr Brian Crook has been asked by the AVP to become a local supporter of their new campaign to have a network of key people in rural and regional cities and towns in place as local “champions” with whom people experiencing homophobic harassment, prejudice and hate motivated crime, can access in assisting in them reporting to police, accessing information and support through the AVP help to create a greater understanding of what is taking place, where, when, how and by whom when it comes to perpetrators of homophobic harassment and violence.

“Homophobic harassment and prejudice motivated violence is underreported. Available data suggests only one person in ten experiencing violence in rural and regional parts of Victoria is telling anyone, be they police, a friend or family member or even a loved one”, said Greg Adkins.

““AVP Connect” is out now promoting how people can step-up to make a positive difference in the lives of people in towns just like Colac, Warrnambool and surrounds. The media commentary about the incident in the town in which you are the Mayor provides a great opportunity to build a vibrant and responsive support network accessible by people living with homophobic harassment and prejudice motivated crime, linked to individuals who too are champions for AVP Connect in their local towns. This is a chance to make a very real difference in local lives.” he said.

Adkins also raised with the Mayor the fact that people who abhor violence often sit back and don’t challenge homophobes “at the times they kick into gear”. He suggested that “AVP Connect”, linking with the Anti-Violence Project of Victoria Inc. can provides the platform for individuals who abhor violence and want to make a positive difference to be able to step-up in their local community. “Without these networks, violent people go unchallenged and individuals and their communities continue to get hurt”, AVP executive director Greg Adkins said.

People living in rural and regional areas seeking more information about “AVP Connect” or know friends and family who might step-up to make a difference, are asked to please email Zhitian Zhang at AVP and for more information about how you as Colac Mayor, and your council can step-up and become leaders in local government seeking to challenge homophobic harassment, prejudice and hate motivated violence and crime, I’d welcome you to directly contact me on 0407664442 or by email:

Adkins invited the whole Colac-Otway community to join their Council and step-up to make a difference on homophobic harassment and prejudice motivated violence and crime in their municipality and surrounding districts.