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Hate crimes up in the UK post-Brexit. Will the Oz marriage plebiscite experience replicate this?

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Hate crimes against religion, ethnic minorities and now sexuality have all risen in the UK since the Brexit vote in June. The Anti-Violence Project asks will the Australian experience during and after the proposed marriage equality plebiscite be the same?

According to The Guardian, Galop, an LGBT anti-violence charity in the United Kingdom, has given support to around 187 LGBT people who have suffered from the hate crimes in the last few months since the Brexit vote was taken.

Is the rise in homophobic hate crime seen in the UK a disturbing trend that will seen when the far-right conservative values are given a voice larger than their place in a modern egalitarian society? Could this trend in the UK be a forerunner of events in Australia if the marriage plebiscite proceeds?

Check out the full Guardian article here:


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We urge you to tell your MP to support Victoria’s birth certificate reforms. Head to Transgender Victoria’s site and show your support:

#VicBirthCerts allows trans and gender diverse people to have their ID reflect their true sex or gender. We believe this is a distinct source of harassment and violence that can be eliminated with this simple legislative fix.