Shouting back: Street harassment & justice research

// October 8th, 2015 // Research, Within Victoria

If you are currently aged 18 or over, live in Melbourne (including surrounding suburbs), and have ever experienced street harassment in Melbourne, you are eligible to take part in this research study funded by the La Trobe University ‘Transforming Human Societies’ Research Focus Area and being run by Dr Bianca Fileborn, from the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health & Society, La Trobe University.

The AVP urges you to consider participating in this street harassment research


Steet harassment can be a very common experience. It includes a wide range of harassing or abusive behaviours occurring in public spaces, such as:
excessive staring,
verbal comments/cat-calling,
and wolf-whistling.

While harassment is common, there is currently very little Australian-based research on street harassment. Likewise, despite the apparent prevalence of street harassment, it is often not responded to by the criminal justice system or through other avenues. The AVP experience is that violence is vastly under-reported and harassment is reported even less so.

Bianca Fileborne’s project explores experiences of street harassment, and potential responses to street harassment, in Melbourne, Australia. It seeks to document the characteristics and impacts of street harassment in Melbourne, and to explore what justice ‘needs’ victims of street harassment might have, and the ways in which these needs could be fulfilled.

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