Discussion: Why preferring to date one race over another makes you racist.

// December 11th, 2014 // Media discussion

Single gay guys who prefer one race to another aren’t “picky.” They’re racist. Here’s why, according to Jerry Plaza (RealJock, December 8, 2014).

Plaza writes that there’s a difference between a type and a generalization. “Everyone has a type. Our types are the first ones we look at in the room. Some guys prefer blondes while others prefer redheads; some guys like to look at a man’s fashion sense, i.e. hippies, skaters, or professionals; and some guys prefer taller boys over shorter ones. These are all types. A generalization is different. It’s sweeping judgment on an entire group of people based on a fantasy or stereotype.

What we need is to expose ourselves to the damage of racial preferences in the gay community. Too many people fear discussion because it’s uncomfortable.”

Read more of Jerry Plaza’s thoughtful discussion here:


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