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On-line now chatting with the “Allegro non Troppo” team about homophobic violence

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We talked about the nature of homophobia and violence and experiences in rural and regional settings compared with metropolitan centres. Joining us from Warraknabeal to share his personal experiences of homophobic harrasment in rural areas was Michael.

Check back for details on how to access the podcast of the show.

JOY 94.9 can be heard live in Melbourne on 94.9 or via streaming through

Acting-Premier’s message for IDAHO

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Acting-Premier of Victoria, Rob Hulls knows how to challenge homophobia in our community.

IDAHO radio and net programming on JOY.9

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Check out the IDAHO broadcasting on JOY 94.9 for “Speaking about Silence – Homophobia in Sport and Community”, the state-wide campaign challenging homophobia in Victoria.

Click here to check it out!

“Come Out To Play” research launched

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Dr Caroline Symons today launched “Come Out To Play at VicHealth in Melbourne, amidst a media frenzy created by comments by Australian Rules footballer Jason Akermanis in a morning newspaper op-ed piece.

VicHealth’s Todd Harper, VEOHRC’s Helen Szoke, former Olympic swimmer Daniel Kawalski, who recently came-out about his sexuality to himself and the community and Gary Eade, Jason Akermanis’ coach, all participated in the launch before Caroline Symons took to the stage.

Check out “Come Out To Play”, a collaboration between Victoria University and Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria though this link to the GLHV portal.

Listen to “Freshly Doug” on Joy 94.9 for an IDAHO focused show

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Thursday 13 May 2010 9am to 12noon Eastern Australian time – listen live at or tune in to JOY 94.9 in Melbourne. Podcast online soon.

A reminder that Doug will be comparing the Equal Love rally at the State Library of Victoria, Swanston Street, Melbourne this Saturday 15 May at 1pm… we’re giving Doug time to develop his great personal ‘game plan’s to tackle homophobia and transphobia. See Doug’s plan at

International Day Against Homophobia on May 17 builds momentum in Victoria!

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International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) activity in Victoria is gearing up ahead of Monday May 17th.

Check-out http:/ for the details on how to create YOUR “game-plan”, thoughts on how others put theirs into practice, and suggestions on how to “pass it on” to others.

You’ve probably guessed from the sporting analogies that this years theme encompasses one of the hardest aspects of homophobia to shift in society… “Speaking about Silence – Homophobia in Sport & Community”.

Heaps of individuals and groups are developing their “game-plans” and will upload videos talking about them. Many more are creating messages and photos. These will also be uploaded, as part of individual “game-plans”, and all will show how homophobia is about to be challenged, and challenged BIG TIME in the State of Victoria, Australia!

Check-out the many activities already underway or planned in the lead-up to IDAHO on May 17th and in the weeks and months beyond. Follow the link to the archive of last years IDAHO 2009 campaign here in Victoria, care of the National Library of Australia and the State Library of Victoria. See who our partners are for this year’s 2010 IDAHO (ourselves and many of our partners would be only too happy to accept offers of people wanting to volunteer or become involved in IDAHO or many of our ongoing activities). Get the telephone numbers and email addresses to contact us and perhaps even make a donation to help extend the scope of IDAHO activities in 2010.

All of this and more, by visiting Stop Homophobia Today!