Meeting at Malvern supporting anti-violence measures

// October 14th, 2009 // Media discussion

AVP head Greg Adkins tonight addressed the Malvern ALP on the issues violence poses for the GLBT community, the current Stonnington violence and reporting pilot project and the need for greater community partnerships to address individual responsibility and longer-term cultural change in the Victorian community to address current trends in public violence.

“Congratulations to the Malvern branch of the ALP in seeking to develop greater partnerships between the broad community and the individuals in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities, to address violence in all its forms”, Adkins said.

“Their pro-active leadership in the Stonnington community is a huge step-forward to breaking down barriers that prevent reporting of violence by victims, and flag that the Stonnington community is ready for the local council to become more involved in addressing outcomes of negative public behaviour in the local “entertainment precinct”.

“The Anti Violence Project applauds the Malvern ALP establishing a community discussion on homophobic and alcohol-fueled violence and its impacts and we were delighted to accept their kind invitation to speak.”

(more details to follow)

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