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City of Casey councillor Rosalie Crestani defends proposal to ban LGBTI promotion : Star Observer

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http://www.starobserver.com.au/news/local-news/victoria-news/city-of-casey-councillor-rosalie-crestani-defends-proposal-to-ban-lgbti-promotion/130066 Watching this homophobic motion at the City of Casey with interest.  We at the AVP believe any government funding to local government should be contingent on policies and practices free of discrimination based on race, religion, sexuality or gender. Period. Want to voice your opinion? Cr Mick Morland (Mayor) mmorland@casey.vic.gov.au Cr Geoff Abblett gablett@casey.vic.gov.au […]

UK lesbian left unconscious by brutal anti-gay attackers | Gay Star News

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In the UK, Kerry Byrnes was set upon by two thugs while she was walking home alone at night, and the attack has left her scared to leave her home. Violence against lesbians is an often hidden form of violence WITHIN an under-reported area of violence, violence motivated by prejudice or hate. Check out more […]

Family violence response must tackle all forms of abuse

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